Multi-tenancy for all workloads

All OpenSearch workloads are multi-tenant! Search workloads with multiple indices, languages, or customers, or logs workloads with multiple data streams, are multi-tenant. Handling that tenancy means aligning resources against data for optimal performance. Learn the strategies and solutions!

I’ll cover the three main tenancy models - siloed, pooled, and hybrid. I’ll cover how to implement them, and tradeoffs with each model. At large scale, tenancy becomes a burning issue. I’ll talk through how to break up large, multi-tenant workloads, with the right architectures and tenant distribution. I’ll also cover operationalizing your tenancy strategy with routing, isolation, tenant management, cost and resource allocation.


Tuesday, May 7 2:15pm-2:55pm in Asgabat

Track: Community


Jon Handler photograph

Jon Handler

Senior Principal Solutions Architect, AWS