Unleash Your Cluster's Potential with OpenSearch Benchmark

Are you confused about sizing your OpenSearch cluster? Worried whether it will scale to handle your workload? Curious if it’s performing at its best? Unsure whether an upgrade will help? If so, this talk is tailored for you!

OpenSearch users strive to obtain the best possible performance from their clusters to meet their business needs. However, measuring performance accurately and using the insights obtained to size, tune, and operate deployments is a complex undertaking.OpenSearch Benchmark (OSB), its associated workloads and provided telemetry devices are widely used within the community as a metric of performance. In this session, we’ll dive into using OSB to model and run your workload, while comparing various scenarios, thereby providing you with the answers you need to optimize your cluster’s performance.

You’ll gain a deep understanding of OSB’s capabilities, techniques for using it for performance, scale, and longevity tests, and how it’s being leveraged for the community’s performance runs. By mastering the effective use of this tool and customizing it to fit your unique needs, you’ll obtain meaningful insights to unleash your OpenSearch cluster’s full potential and meet your business goals.

Join us and learn how to harness the power of OpenSearch Benchmark to maximize your cluster’s performance, ensuring it scales seamlessly and operates at its peak.


Tuesday, May 7 4:00pm-4:40pm in Asgabat

Track: Operating OpenSearch


Govind Kamat photograph

Govind Kamat

Database Engineer III - AWS OpenSearch
Ian Hoang photograph

Ian Hoang

Software Engineer, AWS