Using Data Prepper for Observability Ingest

Data Prepper is an open source data collector for observability data, as well as a stand-alone application that runs as a last-mile ingestion. Teams can create data pipelines in Data Prepper that receive events from their application hosts and ingest into OpenSearch. Data Prepper provides stateful processing of trace data and log events to aggregate data before ingesting into OpenSearch. It also provides a suite of processors to transform events before sending into OpenSearch. In this session, we’ll not only introduce you to Data Prepper, we’ll walk you through some of the use cases it supports and provide guidance on how to use it for ingesting log and trace data into OpenSearch.


Wednesday, September 21 4:00pm-4:30pm in Fremont Studios


David Venable photograph

David Venable

Senior Software Development Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch
Rajiv Taori photograph

Rajiv Taori

Principal Product Manager - Technical, Amazon Web Services