End-to-End Relevance

Search engines give their users an almost-magical way to go from their goals to the information that meets those goals. When the items retrieved match the user’s intent, then we say that they are relevant for that user and that query. “Relevance” spans much more than just the function used to rank the search results. Retrieving relevant results includes the presence of the data in the catalog, the way the data is analyzed, the methods used to augment and send the user’s query, going beyond text to vector representation, feeding back user behavior, and of course, the ranking function. In this session, we’ll take a broad look at how to use OpenSearch ensure that your users find the information that they need to get to where they are going, find the product they want to buy, or retrieve the data they need to solve a problem.


Wednesday, September 27 9:50am-10:30am in Redwood

Track: Search


Jon Handler photograph

Jon Handler

Senior Principal Solutions Architect, AWS