Enhancing OpenSearch Performance Through ZStandard Compression

ZStandard is a compression algorithm that provides a balance between high compression ratios and fast decompression speeds. In this talk, we will present a comparative performance analysis of this new compression algorithm for OpenSearch against the existing ones, lz4 and deflate. We’ll also highlight and demonstrate how OpenSearch performance can be further boosted by using on-die hardware accelerators for compression. Finally, we will discuss our experience benchmarking OpenSearch using OpenSearch-Benchmark.


Thursday, September 28 3:30pm-4:10pm in Ballroom CD

Track: Community


Olasoji Denloye photograph

Olasoji Denloye

Software Engineer at Intel Corp.
Akash Shankaran photograph

Akash Shankaran

Cloud Software Architect, Intel
Sarthak Aggarwal photograph

Sarthak Aggarwal

Software Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch