Grokking OpenSearch's Build, Test, and Release Infrastructure

This session explores the evolution of OpenSearch’s build, test and release process, from manual scripts to a fully automated system with comprehensive logging and auditing. You will learn about the build system that enables community members to create OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards. We will demonstrate its integration, flexibility, and efficiency. We will cover end to end process of distribution, standalone component releases via a 1-click mechanism, and the usage of a customized CI/CD system. This session will inspire you to think outside the box with your own release processes!


Thursday, September 28 1:15pm-1:55pm in Redwood

Track: Community


Sayali Gaikawad photograph

Sayali Gaikawad

Software Development Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch
Jiaxiang (Peter) Zhu photograph

Jiaxiang (Peter) Zhu

Sr Systems Development Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch