How We Jump-Started Community Growth in OpenSearch

This two-part talk first covers an OpenSearch SDM’s journey to boost community growth in OpenSearch via a pilot, resulting in 500 participants, 300+ PRs, and 100+ issues in 12 weeks, and discusses organizational changes implemented. The second part features a key contributor sharing her experience participating in the program, forming professional relationships, learning from Amazon engineers, mentoring peers, and starting a business with newly made friends. A success story in all aspects.


Wednesday, September 27 3:40pm-4:20pm in Redwood

Track: Community


Iskander Rakhmanberdiyev photograph

Iskander Rakhmanberdiyev

Software Development Manager at AWS - OpenSearch
Sergey Myssak photograph

Sergey Myssak

CCI Participant
Andrey Myssak photograph

Andrey Myssak

CCI Participant