Writing OpenSearch Extensions in Python

The Extensions SDK, a new experimental feature in OpenSearch 2.9, allows you to extend OpenSearch and independently scale workloads without impacting cluster availability. But did you know that this feature now allows you to write one of these Extensions in Python? No need to use Java, and there’s no JVM required, making it super easy to do. In this talk, you will learn how to write a plugin, how to write an extension in Java, and then how to write an extension on Python. We will also demystify some of the lowest levels of OpenSearch internals, such as its binary transport protocol.


Wednesday, September 27 4:15pm-4:55pm in Redwood

Track: Community


Daniel Doubrovkine photograph

Daniel Doubrovkine

Principal Engineer - OpenSearch
Dan Widdis photograph

Dan Widdis

Senior Software Engineer - AWS