• Streaming Analytics in OpenSearch

    Mon, Aug 02, 2021

    This post introduces an updated Random Cut Forest library, RCF 2.0. OpenSearch uses RCF 1.0 in its existing High Cardinality Anomaly Detection (HCAD) framework [1,2,3]. The sequel discusses the perspective motivating RCF 2.0.

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  • Feature Deep Dive: OpenSearch Dashboards Notebooks

    Mon, Jul 26, 2021

    OpenSearch Dashboards Notebooks lets you easily combine live visualizations, narrative text, and SQL and Piped Processing Language (PPL) queries so that you can tell your data’s story. You can interactively explore data by running different visualizations and share them with team members to collaborate. Notebooks can help with a variety of use cases such as creating postmortem reports, designing operations...

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  • 1.0 is released!

    Mon, Jul 12, 2021

    Today is a really good day for the OpenSearch project. Since its start, the goal has been to quickly produce a version of OpenSearch that’s ready to use in production environments. After a ton of work by the OpenSearch community, we’re thrilled to announce the first general availability (GA) release of OpenSearch 1.0. Everyone in this highly-engaged and diverse community...

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  • How To: Upgrade from Open Distro to OpenSearch

    Thu, Jul 08, 2021

    As general availability for OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards is fast approaching, we wanted to provide some guidance on upgrading Open Distro for Elasticsearch (Open Distro) 1.13 to OpenSearch 1.0, along with some steps to help you prepare for the upgrade. While most of you will already have the experience of upgrading Elasticsearch clusters, we wanted to provide a refresher on...

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  • Introducing the community projects page

    Wed, Jun 30, 2021

    Many open source projects benefit from the ecosystem of software created on top of or for the project. As an example, the Node Package Manager (NPM) makes JavaScript more approachable. It hosts a variety of modules that solve problems people face during the development of JavaScript software. Users can quickly search for these modules install them and incorporate them directly...

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