Introducing identity and access control for OpenSearch

Jan 18 • technical-post

The existing OpenSearch1 access control features included in the Security plugin let administrators apply access control to indexes and cluster actions so that users have the right permissions2 and the...

Partner Highlight: AWS releases Kendra Intelligent Ranking for self-managed OpenSearch

Jan 12 • partners

OpenSearch partner and contributor AWS recently released Kendra Intelligent Ranking, a new plugin for self-managed OpenSearch deployments that lets users tap into Amazon Kendra’s semantic search capabilities to increase the...

Similar document search with OpenSearch

Jan 11 • community

This blog is available in Japanese here: OpenSearch を使用した類似文書検索

Fluent Bit 2.0 and OpenSearch

Dec 29 • releases, ,

Earlier this year at KubeCon North America, the Fluent team announced Fluent Bit v2.0. The Fluent Bit project is an open-source Apache 2.0 project that helps users collect, process, and...

AWS SigV4 support for OpenSearch clients

Dec 13 • feature, ,

OpenSearch clients now support the ability to sign requests using AWS Signature V4. This has been a community request for a while, and we’re happy to announce that we have...

OpenSearchCon Videos Are Now Available

Dec 12 • community

OpenSearchCon 2022 is now available on our YouTube channel! View demos and talks about observability, log analytics, speeding up your search, and much more!

Launch highlight: Paginate with Point in Time

Dec 09 • community

New for version 2.4, Point in Time (PIT) is the preferred pagination method for OpenSearch. While OpenSearch still supports other ways of paginating results, PIT search provides superior capabilities and...

Partner Highlight: Improving search performance for a better user experience

Nov 28 • partners

In search, speed is key to delivering a good user experience. In a recent blog post, Noam Schwartz of OpenSearch Project partner explores five ways to improve search speed...

Launch highlight: Multiple authentication options for OpenSearch Dashboards

Nov 17 • community

We’re excited to announce support for concurrent multiple authentication methods in OpenSearch Dashboards. This enhancement to the Dashboards security plugin provides a more unified and user-friendly login experience to Dashboards...

Launch Highlight: Multiple Data Sources

Nov 16 • community

OpenSearch Dashboards’ current architecture works only with a single OpenSearch cluster, and to view data in different OpenSearch clusters and to navigate between Dashboards endpoints, users must have a complete...

OpenSearch 2.4.0 is available today!

Nov 15 • releases

OpenSearch 2.4.0 brings Windows support, security analytics, new geospatial features, and a variety of upgrades for search, analytics, and observability use cases

OpenSearch partner highlight: Using Cloaked Search to protect your data

Nov 14 • partners

Most companies will tell you that the data they hold is well protected. They’ll say it’s encrypted “at rest and in transit,” which means they use HTTPS and disk-level or...

The thud test: Measuring OpenSearch Documentation

Nov 11 • feature

When I first started my career as a technical writer about 20 years ago, success was measured by the volume of content produced. Back then, everything was printed and bound....

Adding new distributions to the OpenSearch Project

Oct 31 • community

Starting with OpenSearch version 1.3.2 for 1.x, and 2.0.0 for 2.x, OpenSearch has expanded its artifacts into multiple distributions, including TAR, Docker, and RPM. Looking back, it has been a...

From the editor's desk: OpenSearch Project voice and tone

Oct 26 • community

In the first installment of our From the editor’s desk series, we focused on the OpenSearch Project and inclusion, a subject that is foundational to who we are and how...