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Querqy is a community plugin for query rewriting that helps to solve relevance issues, making search engines more precise regarding matching and scoring.

Querqy plugin installation

Querqy is currently only compatible with OpenSearch 1.3.1

  1. The Querqy plugin code is located here: querqy-opensearch. To download the plugin code ZIP file, select the green “Code” button, then select “Download ZIP”

  2. Install JDK 11. On Amazon Linux 2, install JDK11 with the following command:

    sudo yum install java-11-amazon-corretto
  3. Uncompress the ZIP file:

  4. Change to the uncompressed Querqy directory:

    cd querqy-opensearch-main
  5. Compile the plugin:

    ./gradlew build
  6. The compiled plugin is stored in this directory:

  7. The compiled Querqy plugin is installed the same as any OpenSearch plugin:

    /path/to/opensearch/bin/opensearch-plugin install file:///path/to/file/
  8. Reboot the OpenSearch node:

    sudo reboot

After installing the Querqy plugin you can find comprehensive documentation on the site: Querqy