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Migrating from Logstash

You can run Data Prepper with a Logstash configuration.

As mentioned in Getting started with Data Prepper, you’ll need to configure Data Prepper with a pipeline using a pipelines.yaml file.

Alternatively, if you have a Logstash configuration logstash.conf to configure Data Prepper instead of pipelines.yaml.

Supported plugins

As of the Data Prepper 1.2 release, the following plugins from the Logstash configuration are supported:

  • HTTP Input plugin
  • Grok Filter plugin
  • Elasticsearch Output plugin
  • Amazon Elasticsearch Output plugin


  • Apart from the supported plugins, all other plugins from the Logstash configuration will throw an Exception and fail to run.
  • Conditionals in the Logstash configuration are not supported as of the Data Prepper 1.2 release.

Running Data Prepper with a Logstash configuration

  1. To install Data Prepper’s Docker image, see Installing Data Prepper in Getting Started with Data Prepper.

  2. Run the Docker image installed in Step 1 by supplying your logstash.conf configuration.

docker run --name data-prepper -p 4900:4900 -v ${PWD}/logstash.conf:/usr/share/data-prepper/pipelines.conf opensearchproject/data-prepper:latest pipelines.conf

The logstash.conf file is converted to logstash.yaml by mapping the plugins and attributes in the Logstash configuration to the corresponding plugins and attributes in Data Prepper. You can find the converted logstash.yaml file in the same directory where you stored logstash.conf.

The following output in your terminal indicates that Data Prepper is running correctly:

INFO  org.opensearch.dataprepper.pipeline.ProcessWorker - log-pipeline Worker: No records received from buffer
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