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The decompress processor decompresses any Base64-encoded compressed fields inside of an event.


Option Required Type Description
keys Yes List The fields in the event that will be decompressed.
type Yes Enum The type of decompression to use for the keys in the event. Only gzip is supported.
decompress_when No String A Data Prepper conditional expression that determines when the decompress processor will run on certain events.
tags_on_failure No List A list of strings with which to tag events when the processor fails to decompress the keys inside an event. Defaults to _decompression_failure.


The following example shows the decompress processor used in pipelines.yaml:

  - decompress:
      decompress_when: '/some_key == null'
      keys: [ "base_64_gzip_key" ]
      type: gzip


The following table describes common abstract processor metrics.

Metric name Type Description
recordsIn Counter The ingress of records to a pipeline component.
recordsOut Counter The egress of records from a pipeline component.
timeElapsed Timer The time elapsed during execution of a pipeline component.


The decompress processor accounts for the following metrics:

  • processingErrors: The number of processing errors that have occurred in the decompress processor.
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