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otel_metrics_source is an OpenTelemetry Collector source that collects metric data. The following table describes options you can use to configure the otel_metrics_source source.

Option Required Type Description
port No Integer The port that the OpenTelemtry metrics source runs on. Default value is 21891.
request_timeout No Integer The request timeout, in milliseconds. Default value is 10000.
health_check_service No Boolean Enables a gRPC health check service under Default value is false.
proto_reflection_service No Boolean Enables a reflection service for Protobuf services (see gRPC reflection and gRPC Server Reflection Tutorial docs). Default value is false.
unframed_requests No Boolean Enables requests not framed using the gRPC wire protocol.
thread_count No Integer The number of threads to keep in the ScheduledThreadPool. Default value is 200.
max_connection_count No Integer The maximum allowed number of open connections. Default value is 500.
ssl No Boolean Enables connections to the OpenTelemetry source port over TLS/SSL. Default value is true.
sslKeyCertChainFile Conditionally String File-system path or Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) path to the security certificate (for example, "config/demo-data-prepper.crt" or "s3://my-secrets-bucket/demo-data-prepper.crt"). Required if ssl is set to true.
sslKeyFile Conditionally String File-system path or Amazon S3 path to the security key (for example, "config/demo-data-prepper.key" or "s3://my-secrets-bucket/demo-data-prepper.key"). Required if ssl is set to true.
useAcmCertForSSL No Boolean Whether to enable TLS/SSL using a certificate and private key from AWS Certificate Manager (ACM). Default value is false.
acmCertificateArn Conditionally String Represents the ACM certificate ARN. ACM certificate take preference over S3 or local file system certificates. Required if useAcmCertForSSL is set to true.
awsRegion Conditionally String Represents the AWS Region used by ACM or Amazon S3. Required if useAcmCertForSSL is set to true or sslKeyCertChainFile and sslKeyFile is the Amazon S3 path.
authentication No Object An authentication configuration. By default, an unauthenticated server is created for the pipeline. This uses pluggable authentication for HTTPS. To use basic authentication, define the http_basic plugin with a username and password. To provide customer authentication, use or create a plugin that implements GrpcAuthenticationProvider.


The otel_metrics_source source includes the following metrics.


  • requestTimeouts: Measures the total number of requests that time out.
  • requestsReceived: Measures the total number of requests received by the OpenTelemetry metrics source.
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