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The documentdb source reads documents from Amazon DocumentDB collections. It can read historical data from an export and keep up to date on the data using Amazon DocumentDB change streams.

The documentdb source reads data from Amazon DocumentDB and puts that data into an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket. Then, other Data Prepper workers read from the S3 bucket to process data.


The following example pipeline uses the documentdb source:

version: "2"
      host: ""
      port: 27017
        username: ${{aws_secrets:secret:username}}
        password: ${{aws_secrets:secret:password}}
        sts_role_arn: "arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/MyRole"
      s3_bucket: my-bucket
      s3_region: us-west-2
        - collection: my-collection
          export: true
          stream: true
      acknowledgments: true


You can use the following options to configure the documentdb source.

Option Required Type Description
host Yes String The hostname of the Amazon DocumentDB cluster.
port No Integer The port number of the Amazon DocumentDB cluster. Defaults to 27017.
trust_store_file_path No String The path to a truststore file that contains the public certificate for the Amazon DocumentDB cluster.
trust_store_password No String The password for the truststore specified by trust_store_file_path.
authentication Yes Authentication The authentication configuration. See the authentication section for more information.
collections Yes List A list of collection configurations. Exactly one collection is required. See the collections section for more information.
s3_bucket Yes String The S3 bucket to use for processing events from Amazon DocumentDB.
s3_prefix No String An optional Amazon S3 key prefix. By default, there is no key prefix.
s3_region No String The AWS Region in which the S3 bucket resides.
aws Yes AWS The AWS configuration. See the aws section for more information.
id_key No String When specified, the Amazon DocumentDB _id field is set to the key name specified by id_key. You can use this when you need more information than is provided by the ObjectId string saved to your sink. By default, the _id is not included as part of the event.
direct_connection No Boolean When true, the MongoDB driver connects directly to the specified Amazon DocumentDB server(s) without discovering and connecting to the entire replica set. Defaults to true.
read_preference No String Determines how to read from Amazon DocumentDB. See Read Preference Modes for more information. Defaults to primaryPreferred.
disable_s3_read_for_leader No Boolean When true, the current leader node does not read from Amazon S3. It only reads the stream. Defaults to false.
partition_acknowledgment_timeout No Duration Configures the amount of time during which the node holds a partition. Defaults to 2h.
acknowledgments No Boolean When set to true, enables end-to-end acknowledgments on the source after events are sent to the sinks.
insecure No Boolean Disables TLS. Defaults to false. Do not use this value in production.
ssl_insecure_disable_verification No Boolean Disables TLS hostname verification. Defaults to false. Do not enable this flag in production. Instead, use the trust_store_file_path to verify the hostname.


The following parameters enable you to configure authentication for the Amazon DocumentDB cluster.

Option Required Type Description
username Yes String The username to use when authenticating with the Amazon DocumentDB cluster. Supports automatic refresh.
password Yes String The password to use when authenticating with the Amazon DocumentDB cluster. Supports automatic refresh.


The following parameters enable you to configure collection to read from the Amazon DocumentDB cluster.

Option Required Type Description
collection Yes String The name of the collection.
export No Boolean Whether to include an export or a full load. Defaults to true.
stream No Boolean Whether to enable a stream. Defaults to true.
partition_count No Integer Defines the number of partitions to create in Amazon S3. Defaults to 100.
export_batch_size No Integer Defaults to 10,000.
stream_batch_size No Integer Defaults to 1,000.


The following parameters enable you to configure your access to Amazon DocumentDB.

Option Required Type Description
sts_role_arn No String The AWS Security Token Service (AWS STS) role to assume for requests to Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) and Amazon S3. Defaults to null, which uses the standard SDK behavior for credentials.
aws_sts_header_overrides No Map A map of header overrides that the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role assumes for the sink plugin.
sts_external_id No String An external STS ID used when Data Prepper assumes the STS role. See ExternalID in the STS AssumeRole API reference documentation.
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