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The convert_entry_type processor converts a value type associated with the specified key in a event to the specified type. It is a casting processor that changes the types of some fields in events. Some data must be converted to a different type, such as an integer to a double, or a string to an integer, so that it will pass the events through condition-based processors or perform conditional routing.


You can configure the convert_entry_type processor with the following options.

Option Required Description
key Yes Key whose value needs to be converted to a different type.
keys Yes Keys whose value needs to be converted to a different type.
type No Target type for the key-value pair. Possible values are integer, long, double, big_decimal, string, and boolean. Default value is integer.
null_values No String representation of what constitutes a null value. If the field value equals one of these strings, then the value is considered null and is converted to null.
scale No Modifies the scale of the big_decimal when converting to a big_decimal. The default value is 0.
tags_on_failure No A list of tags to be added to the event metadata when the event fails to convert.
convert_when No Specifies a condition using a Data Prepper expression for performing the convert_entry_type operation. If specified, the convert_entry_type operation runs only when the expression evaluates to true.


To get started, create the following pipeline.yaml file:

    - convert_entry_type:
        key: "response_status"
        type: "integer"

Next, create a log file named logs_json.log and replace the path in the file source of your pipeline.yaml file with that filepath. For more information, see Configuring Data Prepper.

For example, before you run the convert_entry_type processor, if the logs_json.log file contains the following event record:

{"message": "value", "response_status":"200"}

The convert_entry_type processor converts the output received to the following output, where the type of response_status value changes from a string to an integer:

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