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CAT nodes

Introduced 1.0

The CAT nodes operation lists node-level information, including node roles and load metrics.

A few important node metrics are pid, name, cluster_manager, ip, port, version, build, jdk, along with disk, heap, ram, and file_desc.


GET _cat/nodes?v

Path and HTTP methods

GET _cat/nodes

URL parameters

All CAT nodes URL parameters are optional.

In addition to the common URL parameters, you can specify the following parameters:

Parameter Type Description
bytes Byte size Specify the units for byte size. For example, 7kb or 6gb. For more information, see Supported units.
full_id Boolean If true, return the full node ID. If false, return the shortened node ID. Defaults to false.
cluster_manager_timeout Time The amount of time to wait for a connection to the cluster manager node. Default is 30 seconds.
time Time Specify the units for time. For example, 5d or 7h. For more information, see Supported units.
include_unloaded_segments Boolean Whether to include information from segments not loaded into memory. Default is false.


ip       |   heap.percent | ram.percent | cpu load_1m | load_5m | load_15m | node.role | node.roles |     cluster_manager |  name  |         31   |    32  | 0  |  0.00  |  0.00   | di  | data,ingest,ml  | - |  data-e5b89ad7
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