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Update a model group

To update a model group, send a PUT request to the model_groups endpoint and provide the ID of the model group you want to update.

When updating a model group, the following restrictions apply:

  • The model owner or an admin user can update all fields. Any user who shares one or more backend roles with the model group can update the name and description fields only.
  • When updating the access_mode to restricted, you must specify either backend_roles or add_all_backend_roles but not both.
  • When updating the name, ensure the name is globally unique in the cluster.

For more information, see Model access control.

Path and HTTP method

PUT /_plugins/_ml/model_groups/<model_group_id>

Request fields

Refer to Request fields for request field descriptions.

Example request

PUT /_plugins/_ml/model_groups/<model_group_id>
    "name": "model_group_test",
    "description": "This is the updated description",
    "add_all_backend_roles": true

Updating a model group in a cluster where model access control is disabled

If model access control is disabled on your cluster (one of the prerequisites is not met), you can update only the name and description of a model group but cannot update any of the access parameters (model_access_name, backend_roles, or add_backend_roles).

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