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Query insights

To monitor and analyze the search queries within your OpenSearch clusterQuery information, you can obtain query insights. With minimal performance impact, query insights features aim to provide comprehensive insights into search query execution, enabling you to better understand search query characteristics, patterns, and system behavior during query execution stages. Query insights facilitate enhanced detection, diagnosis, and prevention of query performance issues, ultimately improving query processing performance, user experience, and overall system resilience.

Typical use cases for query insights features include the following:

  • Identifying top queries by latency within specific time frames
  • Debugging slow search queries and latency spikes

Query insights features are supported by the Query Insights plugin. At a high level, query insights features comprise the following components:

  • Collectors: Gather performance-related data points at various stages of search query execution.
  • Processors: Perform lightweight aggregation and processing on data collected by the collectors.
  • Exporters: Export the data into different sinks.

Installing the Query Insights plugin

You need to install the query-insights plugin to enable query insights features. To install the plugin, run the following command:

bin/opensearch-plugin install query-insights

For information about installing plugins, see Installing plugins.

Query insights settings

Query insights features support the following settings:

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