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CAT thread pool

Introduced 1.0

The CAT thread pool operation lists the active, queued, and rejected threads of different thread pools on each node.


GET _cat/thread_pool?v

If you want to get information for more than one thread pool, separate the thread pool names with commas:

GET _cat/thread_pool/thread_pool_name_1,thread_pool_name_2,thread_pool_name_3

If you want to limit the information to a specific thread pool, add the thread pool name after your query:

GET _cat/thread_pool/<thread_pool_name>?v

Path and HTTP methods

GET _cat/thread_pool

URL parameters

All CAT thread pool URL parameters are optional.

In addition to the common URL parameters, you can specify the following parameters:

Parameter Type Description
local Boolean Whether to return information from the local node only instead of from the cluster manager node. Default is false.
cluster_manager_timeout Time The amount of time to wait for a connection to the cluster manager node. Default is 30 seconds.


node_name  name                      active queue rejected
odfe-node2 ad-batch-task-threadpool    0     0        0
odfe-node2 ad-threadpool               0     0        0
odfe-node2 analyze                     0     0        0s
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