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Per document monitors

Introduced 2.0

Per document monitors are a type of alert monitor that can be used to identify and alert on specific documents in an OpenSearch index. For example, you can use the monitor to:

  • Detect corrupted data or unauthorized changes.
  • Enforce data quality policies, such as ensuring all documents contain a certain field or that values in a field are within a certain range.
  • Track changes to a specific document over time, which can be helpful for auditing and compliance purposes

Defining queries

Per document monitors allow you to define up to 10 queries that compare a selected field with a desired value. You can define supported field data types using the following operators:

  • is
  • is not
  • is greater than
  • is greater than equal
  • is less than
  • is less than equal

You can query each trigger using up to 10 tags, adding the tag as a single trigger condition instead of specifying a single query. The Alerting plugin processes the trigger conditions from all queries as a logical OR operation, so if any of the query conditions are met, it triggers an alert. The Alerting plugin then tells the Notifications plugin to send the alert notification to a channel.

You can only use tags— that is, labels that can be applied to multiple queries to combine them with the logical OR` operation—in a per document monitor.

Document findings

The Alerting plugin creates a list of Findings that contain metadata about which document matches each query. A Finding is a record of a document identified by the per document monitor query as meeting the alert condition. Key components of a finding include the document ID, timestamp, alert condition details. Findings are stored in the Findings index, .opensearch-alerting-finding*.

Security Analytics can use the findings data to keep track of and analyze the query data separately from the alert processes. See Working with findings to learn more.

The Alerting API also provides a document-level monitor that programmatically accomplishes the same function as the per document monitor in OpenSearch Dashboards. See Document-level monitors to learn more.

To prevent a large volume of findings in a high-ingestion cluster, configuring alert notifications for each finding is not recommended unless rules are well defined.

The following metadata is provided for each document findings entry:

  • Document: The document ID and index name. For example: Re5akdirhj3fl | test-logs-index.
  • Query: The query name that matched the document.
  • Time found: The timestamp that indicates when the document was found during the runtime.
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