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Delete a workflow

When you no longer need a workflow template, you can delete it by calling the Delete Workflow API.

Note that deleting a workflow only deletes the stored template—it does not deprovision its resources.

When a workflow is deleted, its corresponding status (returned by the Workflow State API) is also deleted unless either the provisioning status is IN_PROGRESS or resources have been provisioned.

Path and HTTP methods

DELETE /_plugins/_flow_framework/workflow/<workflow_id>

Path parameters

The following table lists the available path parameters.

Parameter Data type Description
workflow_id String The ID of the workflow to be retrieved. Required.

Query parameters

The following table lists the available query parameters. All query parameters are optional.

Parameter Data type Description
clear_status Boolean Determines whether to delete the workflow state (without deprovisioning resources) after deleting the template. OpenSearch deletes the workflow state only if the provisioning status is not IN_PROGRESS. Default is false.

Example request

DELETE /_plugins/_flow_framework/workflow/8xL8bowB8y25Tqfenm50

DELETE /_plugins/_flow_framework/workflow/8xL8bowB8y25Tqfenm50?clear_status=true

Example response

If the workflow exists, a delete response contains the status of the deletion, where the result field is set to deleted on success or not_found if the workflow does not exist (it may have already been deleted):

  "_index": ".plugins-flow_framework-templates",
  "_id": "8xL8bowB8y25Tqfenm50",
  "_version": 2,
  "result": "deleted",
  "_shards": {
    "total": 1,
    "successful": 1,
    "failed": 0
  "_seq_no": 2,
  "_primary_term": 1
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