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OpenSearch Dashboards

OpenSearch Dashboards is the user interface that lets you visualize your OpenSearch data and run and scale your OpenSearch clusters.

Getting started

Concept Description
OpenSearch Dashboards Quickstart Learn about the basic concepts and features of OpenSearch Dashboards.
OpenSearch Playground Explore features in OpenSearch Dashboards without downloading or installing anything.
Install and configure OpenSearch Dashboards Get started with OpenSearch Dashboards.
Create visualizations Learn about visualizing data in OpenSearch Dashboards.
Explore and query data Learn how to explore and query data in OpenSearch.

Query languages

Query language Where you can use it Description
Query domain-specific language (DSL) Dev Tools The primary OpenSearch query language that supports creating complex, fully customizable queries.
Dashboards Query Language (DQL) Discover and Dashboard search bar A simple text-based query language used to filter data in OpenSearch Dashboards.
Query string query language Discover and Dashboard search bar A scaled-down query language whose syntax is based on the Apache Lucene query syntax.
SQL Query Workbench A traditional query language that bridges the gap between relational database concepts and the flexibility of OpenSearch’s document-oriented data storage.
Piped Processing Language (PPL) Query Workbench The primary language used with observability in OpenSearch. PPL uses a pipe syntax that chains commands into a query.

Using the search bar in the Discover and Dashboard apps, you can search data with the following two languages:

The following table compares DQL and query string query language features.

DQL and query string query language DQL Query string query language
- Wildcard expressions (DQL supports * only)
- Ranges
- Boolean operations
- Querying nested fields - Regular expressions
- Fuzziness
- Proximity queries
- Boosting

By default, the query language in the Discover search toolbar is DQL. To switch to query string syntax, select DQL and then turn off OpenSearch Dashboards Query Language. The query language changes to Lucene, as shown in the following image.

Using query string syntax in OpenSearch Dashboards Discover


Concept Description
Observability in OpenSearch Dashboards Observe, monitor, and secure data and improve performance across tools and workflows.

Dashboards Management

Concept Description
Dashboards Management Learn about the command center for customizing your OpenSearch Dashboards behavior, creating index patterns, and configuring data sources.

Dev Tools

Concept Description
Dev Tools Learn how to run OpenSearch queries in an integrated console.
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