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User Behavior Insights

Introduced 2.15

References UBI Specification 1.0.0

User Behavior Insights (UBI) is a plugin that captures client-side events and queries for the purposes of improving search relevance and the user experience. It is a causal system, linking a user’s query to all of their subsequent interactions with your application until they perform another search.

UBI includes the following elements:

  • A machine-readable schema that faciliates interoperablity of the UBI specification.
  • An OpenSearch plugin that facilitates the storage of client-side events and queries.
  • A client-side JavaScript example reference implementation that shows how to capture events and send them to the OpenSearch UBI plugin.

The UBI documentation is organized into two categories: Explanation and reference and Tutorials and how-to guides:

Explanation and reference

Link Description
UBI Request/Response Specification The industry-standard schema for UBI requests and responses. The current version references UBI Specification 1.0.0.
UBI index schema Documentation on the individual OpenSearch query and event stores.

Tutorials and how-to guides

Link Description
UBI plugin How to install and use the UBI plugin.
UBI client data structures Sample JavaScript structures for populating the event store.
Example UBI query DSL queries How to write queries for UBI data in OpenSearch query DSL.
Example UBI SQL queries How to write analytic queries for UBI data in SQL.
UBI dashboard tutorial How to build a dashboard containing UBI data.
Chorus Opensearch Edition katas A series of structured tutorials that teach you how to use UBI with OpenSearch through a demo e-commerce store.

The documentation categories were adapted using concepts based on Diátaxis.

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